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Industry Forum

The Forum will provide a framework to discuss technical and political aspects of energy and environmental policies, wind energy, photovoltaic, utilization of biomass and green cars. Numerous Korean companies and government agencies have expressed their interest in this Forum. Global Korean companies such as Hyundai, Samsung and POSCO as well as small and medium-sized companies will attend the Forum.

Why attend?

The Industry Forum of the EKC2012 will bring together a large number of industries and organizations involved in the Korean renewable energy sector. European participants will have the opportunity to meet and network with key players in this increasingly important sector of the Korean economy. The fast growing Korean market can serve also as a gateway for European companies to other Asian markets. The Industry Forum will be a valuable event for companies wanting to venture in to this growing sector.

This Forum is attended by

  • Wind turbine manufacturers, manufacturers of photovoltaic installations, component suppliers, biomass utilization companies
  • Companies engaged in the operation, maintenance and repair of renewable energy installations, electronic power corporations Companies dealing with consulting, project development, construction, financing and insurance of facilities in this sector
  • Marine companies, transport & logistics companies
  • Government agencies, universities, research institutions

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Renewable Energy : Wind Energy

Wind energy is a promising industry and a fast-developing market in Korea. The Korean government has started the development of an offshore wind farm which will produce 2,500 MW by 2019. About 7 billion Euros will be invested. Electric power companies, turbine manufacturers, numerous component suppliers, and R&D institutions will coorperate in this complex project. The participation of the world leading Korean ship-building industry will also help to realize the installation of the offshore wind farm.

The Korean wind energy industry is relatively unknown to German and other European wind energy industries. Participation at the forum will be a rare oppotunity to gain an insight on the current status of the Korean Wind energy insdustry and its future projects. This may open new possiblities for cooperation in Korea and Asia.


Renewable Energy : Photovoltaic

The global PV market has seen impressive growth rates in cell/module production during the past decade. The EU is the largest PV market in the world, and Korea is emerging as one of the promising PV markets of the future. The types of PV systems used in the EU and Korea differ, however, along with other details, such as subsidies, cost factors, and demand for special applications. The long term experience of the German PV industry offers sophisticated, high quality products for all application areas. Cooperation with competitive Korean PV industries - based on the strong semiconductor technology in Korea - will give excellent opportunities for German and Korean industries to enlarge their PV business in the EU and Korea. This session covers key issues of EU and South Korean policies pertaining to PV business, as well as PV development activities and market trends.


Renewable Energy : Biomass

Korea encourages green growth and bioenergy market is expected to grow in the future. Even though the implementation of bioenergy, especially biofuel, posed adverse problems regarding food shortage and environmental degradation in recent years, bioenergy is expected to play a crucial role in replacing fossil fuels from transport and generating regional heat and electricity due to the advantage of its readiness and cost-effectiveness. EKC 2012 biomass forum deal with various energy conversion technologies from biomass to energy i.e. heat, electricity and its economic potential. The participating institute and companies will acquire the state-of-art knowledge and the networking in biomass sector between EU and Korea.


Industry Forum Science School
ketep 한국에너지기술연구원
현대 자동차 삼성 종합기술원 삼성 테크윈 포스코 한국생산기술연구원
KEFICO 한국연구재단 기초과학연구원 현대 중공업
SK 이노베이션 한국화학연구원 포스텍 연구소 광주연구개발특구 한국식품연구원 대구경북첨단의료산업진흥재단 한국기계연구원 한국표준과학연구원 한국과학기술연구원
한국해양과학기술원 KOSEN
Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces 아시아나항공 이화여자대학교

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